Braingle HD - Brain Teasers & Riddles App Reviews

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I was psyched

Until my iPad said the developer needs to update for iOS 11. Please?!

iOS Version 11

Please update this app so that it works with iOS V11.

Not sure but...

This app is perfect but get deducted 2 stars because I don't think that all the puzzles from the site


Great app, but it needs a way to search for specific names.

Won't Open

I downloaded the app and it would never open on my iPad. Can't say whether it's good or bad, but it wouldn't open so that's a big problem

Great app

Would give 5 stars but current version does not work on iPad pro.


This a very in depth application. It challenges the views and the thoughts of the human mind. Your eyesight is corrupted as you scroll through optical illusions. I brain is tested through mysteries and riddles. This is the ultimate IQ test. This is a test of champions. This will make you go insane and throw your electronic device at a wall.

Kill me now

This is the worst "riddles and brain teasers" app ever. They are so stupid!! It's like they got the riddles from a kindergarden class


Been using this app for years, love it

Best app

Great brain teasers and very organized.😃😃😃😃😃👍👍👍

Best app ever you must get it soo many brain teasers soo many categories


I am a monkey 🙈

I love it my teacher gives us a riddle every week and it is frustrating going on the internet to find the answer. And this app is so helpful i really jut have to go on this app and boom! There is the answer!!! 😄😃😀😉☺😊😛😝😜

Very Good

This app is one I come to every day to get my brain going!! It's amazing I love it!!


I wish they had the logic grid puzzles in the app. That's my favorite section from the braingle site.




Seriously? What's the point? It's full of illusions we've all seen before and riddles that make no sense.. What a waste of time.


One of the best brain teaser games ever made


You should get this app its great

I want riddles!

There's an error message when u press on the riddles category. Pleas fix!

Best App ( and site) Ever!

I have to say, I'm glad they've made an app! I've been on Braingle for a little less than a year, and I love it! This app just makes it so much easier to get on, as I never have time anymore. One concern, though: this app needs to be updated. Some of the newer teasers (expecially mine!) aren't on the app, so I would appriciate it if the app could be updated.


This app is too scary! Don't get this app!

Really fun!

This app keeps me occupied for more than an hour at a time. The riddles and different logic games are fun and challenging. What I like is that the app has so many of them, that I won't run out of new puzzles anytime soon.

Needs improvement

I enjoy the riddles, trivia, and puzzles. However you should just click the 'Sort' button once, not every time you return from viewing a question.

Awesome app

Really great free app. Very accessible and tons of content. However, it really needs a way to mark/remember which brainteasers you've already completed (or at least seen the answer to). I expect that it win't be long before i can't remember where to start on all of the main categories. Awesome stuff, i hope you get more attention soon!

Excellent App For Those Needing Brain Stimulation

I've written only one other review ever, I just had to with this app. Since my youth, I've needed a lot of stimulation-- sports, reading, school, video games, you name it. The iPhone made it possible for me to scratch that itch almost anywhere, anytime. But the net, scrabble, angry birds and riddle (only) apps can only go so far. This app is a cornucopia motherlode of brain stimulation awesomeness. Thanks much for the app, it appears to have tons of brainteasers, riddles, etc in numerous categories. I'll check out your site too, and try to pitch in some. Mahalo.

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